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Updated: May 2, 2021

Covid-19, update

April, 2021

The well-being of our guests and associates remains top priority. For this reason, we are closely and constantly monitoring the World Health Organization’s statements, as well as the health and safety protocols published by the Greek government, in order to keep up with the guidelines on prevention and treatment of COVID-19 cases. Our commitment to safety

  • For the 2021 summer season only our private cruises will take place, adopting a flexible pricing policy. All semi-private cruises, booked already, will be updated to private ones at no extra charge.

  • Cleanliness has always been pivotal to our company. Disinfection of the fleet before each cruise and continuous cleaning of the most used surfaces while guests aboard, take place very meticulously.

  • Our vessels are fully equipped with hand sanitizers, masks and gloves.

  • A book containing each passenger’s personal details and health situation will be found on the boat. Every passenger will be requested to fill in a questionnaire – health declaration statement upon their arrival aboard.

  • The maximum number of guests per cruise will be strictly 9 participants.

  • Our skippers do undergo mandatory self-testing for the coronavirus twice a week.

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