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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we have the sailboat bareboat?

We do provide private sailing cruises and tours with the guidance of our skilled and experience skippers!

We do consider that having an experienced skipper with you on board is what makes our services and your trip unique!

What's included in the price?

Price include:

  • Skipper fee

  • Taxes

  • Petrol

Are we gonna have any food stop?

You can visit a local traditional tavern during our full day cruise. Which one, depends on the route that you will have during the cruise.

Of course the tavern stop is not mandatory it fully depends on you if you want to taste somewhere outside the sailing boat.

There is also the option to bring your own food on board and maybe also cook since the sailing boat has a fully functional kitchen/fridge.

Can we get a discount?

We sure provide discounts depending the season and the size of your group, contact us by email or phone to elaborate on this!

Do you have any COVID-19 precautions?

Since the well being of our guests remains top priority. We do make sure that our vessel is fully equipped with hand sanitisers, masks and gloves. Also, in case is asked we curry with us self tests that can be provided before boarding.

What's the timetable for each cruise?

The full day cruise we do start our trip at 11:00AM.

For the half day cruise, the morning cruise starts at 11:00 AM and the evening cruise at 16:30 PM

How many participants could the sailing trip have?

The participants should be strictly up to  9+ your captain! 

* Newborns don't count in :)  

Is there any snacks on board?

We do always have on board many local snacks / fruits and beverages that you can enjoy aboard!

Of course you can bring your own snacks since our sailing boat has a fully functional kitchen/fridge

Can we lunch on board?

Sure! You can either bring your own meals on board or we can either coordinate it for you! Contact us to give you the low-down to it!

What's the cancellation policy?

A. If you cancel your reservation 2 weeks before the scheduled tours/transfers date, you will be refunded the full amount.

B. If you cancel your reservation 1 week before the scheduled tours/transfers date, you will be refunded 50% of the full amount.

C. No refund will be given in case of cancellation in less than 1 week.

D. In case you book a private cruise and you are visiting Kefalonia Island by cruise ship and your ship cannot access the port due to weather conditions you will be refunded the full amount.

E. In case your private cruise should be canceled due to weather conditions, we are happy to reschedule it or refund you the full amount

What's the available paying method?

You can pay either by

  • cash

  • card

  • or by a payment online link.

Rather than day cruised do you provide multiple day cruises too?

Sure, during our first year of operations we did have multiple days cruises too!

In order to request a such type of cruise please contact us!

What's the least age of a baby on board?

We did have had a lot of babies on board during our cruises with the youngest being 4 months old! It really depends on you baby needs. From our side there isn't any limitation.

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